Rebranding The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

Helloooo to my Advertising friends and family! During this summer, a few close friends of mine created a special program for the students who lost their internships due to COVID-19. My former professor, friends, and the VCU Ad Club couldn’t just sit back and NOT do anything… so they came up with this program called,Continue reading “Rebranding The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children”

Influencer Marketing ft. Mejuri

the fine crew One of my favorite brands that I am SO grateful to be a part of is… well you guessed it, Mejuri! Mejuri stands for luxury, well hand-crafted, and oh so fine jewelry. As a women based company, they’re currently sitting at around 925k followers and stays growing! Mejuri has it all down-Continue reading “Influencer Marketing ft. Mejuri”

Exotic Dancers Research

For one of my major classes, we had the opportunity to grow our research abilities on local, Richmond subculture groups. My team chose to dive deep into the culture of exotic dancers, AKA strippers! Exotic dancers are everything you could imagine. Sexy, youthful, prideful, fun, a fantasy and most importantly, making that money. We practicedContinue reading “Exotic Dancers Research”

Worthwhile Fashion Awareness – User Experience Project

OBJECTIVE: Come up with a concept we are passionate about and to create a friendly user experience. I created a mock-up app, worthwhile. Worthwhile have the ability to take pictures of your clothing tags and will show result: Where the clothes are manufactured from (Philippines, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, United States, etc.) The typeContinue reading “Worthwhile Fashion Awareness – User Experience Project”