Bahama Mama!

The clearest water I’ve ever seen

I just recently got back from a cruise with the boyfriend’s family and it was AMAZING. It was my first time traveling to the Bahamas via Carnival cruise and it was totally worth it. Initially at first, I was nervous I was going to get sea sick, but the water was so calm that I could only feel slight swaying back and forth. In fact actually, I felt more “land sick” when I got back on land. I could feel my body trying to readjust itself from a week of cruising. Other than that, the islands were absolutely gorgeous! Carnival stops at three islands: Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Freeport. Personally, my favorite island out of the three was Half Moon Cay; I have never seen such clear water and SOFT sand. When I say soft, I mean it felt like play doh on your feet!

I also wanted to give a shout out to the incredible hospitality the crew members were during our stay. Everyone who works on the ship is from a different country and I found it beautiful how there are over 70 different countries represented on that boat. The crew members were always in a delightful mood, smiling 24/7 (despite how hard they work) and I seriously think if it wasn’t for them, my experience wouldn’t be nearly as perfect. If any of you guys ever been on a cruise and noticed how sufficient and accommodating your cruise line was, let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear other people’s experiences.

CEO of Neutrals

I Swear I Don’t Always Wear Black…

I know it may seem like I only wear black through my fashion blogs, but I swear I don’t! I’ve actually really become more appreciative of colors as i’ve gotten older. I still really enjoy neutral colors, but bright colors such as red, orange, green, or blue can make a statement piece, so never be shy to give those colors a try!

Today was a gloomy day in Richmond and wasn’t sure if it was going to rain, so I wore a shirt-cardigan. Mainly, I’m here to showcase this beautiful Mejuri piece I was sent! This is the Mejuri Floral Medallion Necklace. A new vintage-inspired medallion necklace for the Spring and Summer icon. It’s so cute and trendy to layer necklaces on top of one another, which you can definitely do with this floral necklace! Sometimes, it can look better alone like how I’m wearing it in my picture.

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Happy shopping ❤

Exotic Dancers Research

For one of my major classes, we had the opportunity to grow our research abilities on local, Richmond subculture groups. My team chose to dive deep into the culture of exotic dancers, AKA strippers! Exotic dancers are everything you could imagine. Sexy, youthful, prideful, fun, a fantasy and most importantly, making that money. We practiced qualitative and quantitative research to help us better understand the misconceptions and the reality behind the life of an exotic dancer.

Quantitative Research: Survey Monkey – Posted on social media platforms; Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook and sending them personally.


  • Dancing to get Through School – A majority of our participants have completed some college, but no degree.
  • What’s My Age Again? – 70% of participants are 25 years or younger, however, 71% of participants are between 25-34 years old.
  • Waitress Life – Participants who worked as a server almost made the same rate as an exotic dancer. Servers felt more inclined to pick motivates that feed into a social or environmental preference, rather than dance for money and money only.
  • It’s a Man’s World – 77% of participants are female. While 2/3 of participants employers are male.
  • Full Time vs. Part Time – Customers either attend often; on average about twice a week or customers attend once or twice a year.


  • It’s More Than Just Dancing – Not only are the participants best skill is dancing, but also include: Talking, selling private dances, flexibility and physical strength.
  • Barley Passing – We asked if exotic dancers felt professional their career, about 64% was the average stating they felt unprofessional about dancing.
  • House Fees are Real – Exotic dancers must pay house fee in order to work. Dancers pay around $40-60 in the Richmond area. However, other popular cities have a much higher house fee rates.
  • Don’t Have All the Money in the World – Majority of the customers spend no more than $50. An outliner of 17% of customers answered they spend anywhere from $250-$350 a night.

Qualitative Research – One-on-One Interviews with Celina, Katiya and Kehlani (All our participants wished to stay anonymous, but gave us permission to use their stage name.)

  • Pole Dancing is TOUGH – Some dancers practice on the pole to stay limber/in shape. Oh, and the skyscraper heels they wear? yeah, they wear them to give their bottoms a more firmer natural lift by using their calf muscles.
  • It’s All About Fantasy NOT Sex – Customers come in for different reason; to be seen, to be heard, to feel wanted, to talk to someone, or to even feel a connection.
  • Surface Acting vs. Deep Acting – Surface acting is when the dancer strictly pretends for their client. Deep acting is when the dancer pretends for herself to truly feel in the moment.
  • You do Not Make Thousands Every night – Okay, yes, some major cities dancers will make thousands every night. However, in the Richmond area most dancers made around $300-$500, depending on the night.
  • Not Every Single Dancer Looks Like Barbie – We saw literally every single body type and we thought it was empowering and beautiful to see exclusivity.
  • Private Dances are the Move – Dancers heavily relied on their regulars and private dances, rather than dancing on stage.

A Chic Causal Look

Do not doubt the power of what a dress and sneakers can do! Now that the weather is getting warmer, sun is brighter, and maybe even more humid (especially in this Virginia weather) it can be rough to wear anything concealing. I like to go for a look that is free and flowy! For a Spring/Summer attire I gravitate towards anything that can hang loose on my body such as dresses, linen pants or thin material bottoms that compliments your figure but is still covering the legs. In the picture I am wearing an all black dress I bought from a thrift store in Richmond called Ashby. The dress is from Gap and is styled to be an oversized button up. I love how this dress hangs on the body as it gives you modest vibes. I threw on a pair of all white Nike Air Max’s. Many people own a pair of these shoes, it just the matter of how long you can keep them white. 😉 This is a simple and causal look you can wear to hang with friends, get lunch, go to class, or even run errands. Something I definitely appreciate about dresses is how EASY it is. No need to create a whole outfit, the dress is your outfit!

Mixing chic and street together

Worthwhile Fashion Awareness – User Experience Project


Come up with a concept we are passionate about and to create a friendly user experience. I created a mock-up app, worthwhile.

Worthwhile have the ability to take pictures of your clothing tags and will show result:

  • Where the clothes are manufactured from (Philippines, China, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, United States, etc.)
  • The type of material used
  • How sustainable the material will last
  • Will provide other alternatives for better quality clothing
  • Updated news/blogs on other countries manufacturing industry

This app allows the user to have a search engine on clothing brands to understand retail companies ethical values. Worthwhile will also feature discussion boards and news across the supply chain how the workers of manufactures are bring treated in all countries. Most importantly, this will raise awareness behind the life of a sweatshop.

Take Care of Your Skin Now or Regret it Later!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of your skin!!! Some people are really good at their skin care routine and stay loyal to their schedule, especially with the products we use on our fragile skin.

Personally, I use a mixture of typical brands you can purchase at a drug store and some brands you have to spend more money on because the better quality ingredients you’re paying for. My everyday skin care is taking my makeup completely off with a cotton pad by using Neutrogena Oil Free makeup remover. I then use Philosophy Purity one-step facial cleanser and massage that gently all around my face to remove any residue makeup. After cleansing, I ALWAYS pat my face on a towel gently and never rubbing my skin; this is important because when rubbing/wiping the face can cause wrinkles later in life. From there, I use the lavender Witch Hazel alcohol-free toner. I love the smell of this! The toner is to help purify your skin naturally while adding moisture. Lastly, I use a face moisturizer to end the day. In all honestly, I’ve used ALL kinds of moisturizers, anywhere from expensive moisturizers to drug store moisturizers and at the end of the day, I will stick to the Ponds facial moisturizer. Many facial moisturizers I used has either dried out my face or leaving my skin too oily. I found that the Ponds facial moisturizer is a good in between. It actually leaves my skin feeling dewey and glowy rather than oily- there’s a difference.

If I feel like my skin needs extra love or I want to spoil myself (which is always) I’ll use my Estee Lauder Night Repair oils. Following by step #1 repair serum, the Advanced Night Repair is to help maximize skin’s own nightly renewal and wake up to beautiful skin. Do this on skin day and night. Next, apply Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix. This gives the eyes a fresh “wide-open” look. You do this by gently massaging under the eye 3x from inner to outer corner day and night. Last but not least, I use the Estee Lauder Resilience Lift. This eye cream is to improve the bags under your eyes and to uplift the skin.

Adding Spice to the Hoop Earrings

Everyday should be Women International Day, right? Since that special holiday has passed, Mejuri sent out a darling piece that gives your typical gold hoop earrings a little bit of flare! I absolutely love these gold hoop earrings that dangles a shinning pearl to add more meaning and gives you a classy vibe. Here, I am wearing a low-cut shirt that exposes my neck which allows the earrings to pair more easily. Necklace is from Madewell.

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They Call it Fast Fashion for a Reason

The fashion industry is in its PRIME. Fashion shows, events, meetings, and launching new brands are being held left and right in every major city of the world. Successful celebrity models are always featured in high-in designer brands runways such as Bella Hadid, Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, Kaia Gerber, and the list goes on. But behind all that glamours execution of the fashion runways, we tend to forget how those pieces of clothing are being manufactured in the first place. Fast fashion has been becoming a problem that popular brands such as Zara, H&M, Forever 21, and many more have been exposed to the public about their fast fashion problems and their target audience are now realizing there is an issue that needs to be resolved.

In my User Experience class, we’re assigned a passion project on something we want to see change, something to make a difference in our everyday lives. An issue that I find very relevant in today’s world is the fashion industry. The fashion world is growing and truly at its peak with today’s’ advanced technology and the creative minds to articulate unique fashion. I love that about fashion, but what about everything else behind closed doors? It’s terrible to say that most of the clothes we own, are manufactured in a developing country and those workers sometimes are not treated fairly, nor do they get workers compensation. I understand that’s how the business functions; the brand of the company will hire workers outside the U.S. simply because it’s cheaper to pay for the number of hours they’ll be working. However, I commend those who are advocates against fast fashion. Some people truly care about the fashion industry behind closed doors and those are the people who bring awareness and make a difference. I want to be a part of that difference.

Pimkie Apparels

If I could create an app (does not have a name yet) that is similar to Good on You and create where users have the ability to take a picture of the tags of their clothing and it will share with the users:

  • Prices
  • Where it’s made from
  • Material used
  • Sustainability
  • Suggested products

This app can be beneficial to those who are interested in the production behind the brands they shop from. The app can also compare similar clothing the user is interested in, but may suggest something more pricey, but will get better use out of it. There will be an option if the user wants to shop with only clothes made in the U.S. to avoid clothing manufacturer from overseas. While shopping with this app, it will offer promotions and discounts from potential stores that are recycled friendly or have other ethical values which may have a greater chance of users shopping with a brand they haven’t shopped with before. The user can share their likes, dislikes, and comment about what they enjoyed about a certain brand which then will help other users make decisions when purchasing. The app will also incorporate articles on how the manufacturers are doing as a business; it will share with the users are being treated and if they’re getting compensation for working in such dangerous conditions. This will allow users to be more aware of their clothing production and may inspire individuals to be more conscious while shopping.

*Shania Twain’s Voice* Man, I Feel Like a Woman!

Can you think of a retail store when the moment you step foot you’re saying “ooohhh, ahhh” and don’t even know where to begin because you’re so intrigued and amazed at a place. Personally, a store that makes me feel rich, sophisticated, chic yet home-country loving, would have to be good ol’ established in 1992 and parent of Urban Outfitters, Inc., Anthropologie. You can sense the type of aesthetic by the way their clothes hang on the mannequins, an accessory table laid out beautifully, a beauty and wellness section with mirrors everywhere to represent your inner and outer beauty. One of Anthropologie’s most jaw-dropping attribute about them is how lovely their decor is displayed. You’ll see cute dainty lanterns hanging from the ceilings, big wooden doors as an entrance, wooden floors throughout the whole store, and of course we can’t forget their home essentials such as bedding, table tops, pillows, mirrors, or even the tiniest thing for a house like rusted door knobs! What else could a woman ask for?? Anthropologie is one of those stores that has this power that can make you feel like a whole new person.

Related image

But let’s dive into the reasons why Anthropologie gets woman of all ages ecstatic to shop with their company. I mean, I can’t blame them, they do such a good job at making you feel like you’re thriving and deserve to be there! So, what are those reasons exactly? And truly, what do the consumers think about Anthropologie’s clothing brand and the experiences that has been held within those big wooden doors.

Author Chavie Lieber on December 4, 2014 expresses the Unraveling Anthropologie’s Intoxicating Store Experience. Something that makes Anthropologie stand out from other retail stores is there tactics based off of comfort and individuality. The corporate creative director of Anthropologie, Missy Peltz tells Racked that the brand aims for “eclectic, rustic, modern” feel. Hence why they put so much effort into the stores physically and visually to create this fantasy for consumers to get lost in. Peltz also mentions that the company aims to hit every sense when consumers are shopping so, just not by experiences but as well as a certain smell, feeling, or hearing something that makes feel happy while shopping at Anthropologie. Peltz says “we want everyone to feel welcome.”

But why are the dresses retailing for $400 or even a ring holder at $70? Because Anthropologie is simply exceptional. Anthro assumes their consumers are loaded with in incredible income, since most of their consumers are from the ages 28 to 45. But what I find interesting is that Urban Outfitters retails their clothing for a lot less expensive than Anthropologie. Now thats a whole other topic to look into, but since Anthro is its own brand, they must stay loyal to that brand and give what the consumers expect.