Found Quite the Gem in my Closet

Hello babes! Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. Life is really trying to chase me recently and test my limits, but that only prepares me for the real world, right? I wanted to share with you this outfit I put together while Richmond’s weather was doable… but let’s see how long the weather will last.Continue reading “Found Quite the Gem in my Closet”

Ethical Values of the Urban Outfitters Family

One of America’s millennials most popular retail stores would have to be Urban Outfitters- known for their grunge, hipster vibes, yet chic for an insta-worthy picture. Urban Outfitters is the parent of Anthropologie and Free People- these three stores sweep young adults off their feet all across the nation with their unique style which allowsContinue reading “Ethical Values of the Urban Outfitters Family”

Hey, You Over There! Ever Heard of User Experience?

In my prior blog post I have discussed about the assignments and work we will be doing in the class ‘User Experience’ which I had thought was networking with professionals, building your portfolio, and trying to get the most of out it so we are prepared for the real world. While this is all true-Continue reading “Hey, You Over There! Ever Heard of User Experience?”

Shop With Me at Mejuri!

So Fine… Recently I became an ambassador for Mejuri- known for their unique, luxurious, and ethical practice craftsmanship. I love their pieces because they’re made from nothing but love and their quality is well put together for such a good price! Not to mention, they work with women and only want to embrace their specialtyContinue reading “Shop With Me at Mejuri!”

Shopping On a Budget

One of my good friends, Vy-anh Nguyen spontaneously took pictures of me one day and I have to say, I don’t regret it! These pictures came out darling and snapped some of my favorite pieces I’m wearing.  Currently in Richmond, Virginia it’s in the 30’s-50’s throughout the week, so wearing anything long sleeve is ideal.Continue reading “Shopping On a Budget”

A Lil’ Advice from Austin Kleon

As a strategic advertising student it can become dull and less exciting when given a project because we do the research. Unlike creatives, they have fun with their work and can get lost in a project (lost as in a good thing) Nonetheless, in my User Ex class we were assigned to read a bookContinue reading “A Lil’ Advice from Austin Kleon”