Okay, so… I can’t be the only one who still finds puffer jackets attractive?? Remember when they started to meme puffer jackets?

like this one…

Like I said, the puffier the better! (LOL) but in all honesty, the cropped puffer jackets are so stylish. They look good on everyone! The nice thing about puffers is that you can dress them up or down. Pair it with some loose or fitted jeans with your favorite sneakers and you’re good to go. Or, you could be like Kendall Jenner and strut in some heels and look like a bad bish too. Either way you would look FIRE! Personally, I’ve been wearing a whole LOT of sweats so I’m the one to dress it down just like how I styled them down below:

In my post I am wearing Nasty Gal sweats, sneakers, and of course my puffer jacket. This jacket is from American Eagle, you can shop a similar one here!

FUN FACT: Puffer jackets came out around the 1930’s when Eddie Bauer nearly almost died after his wool sweater froze from the rain after a fishing trip. Thats when Bauer invented the puffer jacket with a collar and the rest is history!

Anyhoo, the puffer that I’m currently OBSESSED with is from American Eagle. It has lined sherpa all in the inside, from the chest, back, and even the arms. The puffer have the “batted” wing sleeve, meaning that the sleeve droops down near the armpit to enhance the style and give it the overall true puffer look.

Shop a similar one here!

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