Rebranding The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children

Helloooo to my Advertising friends and family! During this summer, a few close friends of mine created a special program for the students who lost their internships due to COVID-19. My former professor, friends, and the VCU Ad Club couldn’t just sit back and NOT do anything… so they came up with this program called, The VCU Camp ADventure! This program allowed students to create REAL-life agency campaigns for a non-profit organization, The International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC.)

Objective: Reimagining ICMEC Comprehensive Rebrand and Update of ICMEC Visual Identity, Digital Presence, and Messaging.

PROBLEM: ICMEC lacks brand recognition and awareness. Parents will go to great lengths to protect their child’s innocence, but it’s taboo to talk to adolescents about sex crimes so it stays out of the conversations.

TARGET: Guardians- Anyone who takes care of a child’s needs or has an emotional connection. I.e, parents of little ones. Or, anyone who looks after children such as, coaches, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. They’re the defenders, protectors, and keepers of children.

INSIGHT: People who would rather remain blissfully ignorant than face reality.

Strategy: Make guardians feel comfortable enough to have these uncomfortable conversations.

Executions: New logo, new logo, social media strategy, style guide, and Ted Talk pitch.

Contributors: Stacia Mills (St), Jon Ollom (CW), Jordon Cox, (AD), Skylar Abruscati (CW), Sam Hughes (AD), Kyle Talley (AD), and Kim Castro (SMC)

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