Tiramisu for Breakfast x Mejuri

I know many people can be nervous to put their foot-in-the-door into the real world, but I’m lucky to say it wasn’t entirely like that for me. During my Spring semester of 2019, I enrolled in a class called ‘User Experience’ (I blogged about this class before! Check it out here) My professor at the time, Christina Dick who is the Founder of Tiramisu for Breakfast offered me the intern position and of course I said yes! Tiramisu for Breakfast is an agency who is heavy on PR, marketing and social media. TFB does anything from influencers campaigns, industry analysis, focus groups, branded events, and SO much more… the list goes on.

Since I’ve returned to TFB, I wanted to make a blog post about the things I enjoy, but also relates to my internship. If you seen throughout my fashion blogs, I’m a part of the Mejuri Fine Crew. I’ve been in love with Mejuri since I saw them on social media and their presence was beautifully done through their culture and aesthetics. I love their minimalism, simplicty, yet luxury jewelry. The pieces I have from Mejuri ranges anywhere from necklaces, earrings and rings. I personally love their earrings, they’re absolutely timeless. Each necklace I received from them are well made and you can feel the quality of the craftsmanship- which I believe is a huge ethical value in a brand.

I’ve added blog posts on how I style my Mejuri jewelry. I love layering my necklaces or wearing alone, depending on my top. I love wearing as many rings as I can, due to having such tiny fingers- which in fact, Mejuri actually holds my ring size which is INCREDIBLE… considering that I can’t find rings in my size anywhere! Just another reason why I’m obsessed with them. You can’t go wrong with earrings whether you’re having a chill day or going out for lunch. Earrings are a girls best friend. It can seriously add such oomph in your daily wear. Since being a part of the Fine Crew, I have a 10% discount code when you shop with me for first time users! Check it out HERE.

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