I just recently got back from a cruise with the boyfriend’s family and it was AMAZING! It was my first time traveling to the Bahamas via Carnival cruise and it was totally worth it! I was nervous I was going to get sea sick, but the water was so calm that I could only feel slight swaying back and forth. In fact actually, I felt more of a sway after I got back on land that I could feel my body trying to readjust itself from a week of cruising. Other than that, the islands were absolutely gorgeous! Carnival stops at three islands: Grand Turk, Half Moon Cay, and Freeport. Personally, my favorite island out of the three was Half Moon Cay; I have never seen such clear water and SOFT sand. When I say soft, I mean it felt like play doh on your feet!

I also wanted to give a shout out to the incredible hospitality the crew members were during our stay. Everyone who works on the ship is from a different country and I found it beautiful how there are over 70 different countries represented on that boat. The crew members were always in a delightful mood, smiling 24/7 (despite how hard they work) and I seriously think if it wasn’t for them, my experience wouldn’t be nearly as perfect. If any of you guys ever been on a cruise and noticed how sufficient and accommodating your cruise line was, let me know your thoughts! I would love to hear other people’s experiences. :

Posted by:Kimberly Ann