CEO of Neutrals

I Swear I Don’t Always Wear Black…

I know it may seem like I only wear black through my fashion blogs, but I swear I don’t! I’ve actually really become more appreciative of colors as i’ve gotten older. I still really enjoy neutral colors, but bright colors such as red, orange, green, or blue can make a statement piece, so never be shy to give those colors a try!

Today was a gloomy day in Richmond and wasn’t sure if it was going to rain, so I wore a shirt-cardigan. Mainly, I’m here to showcase this beautiful Mejuri piece I was sent! This is the Mejuri Floral Medallion Necklace. A new vintage-inspired medallion necklace for the Spring and Summer icon. It’s so cute and trendy to layer necklaces on top of one another, which you can definitely do with this floral necklace! Sometimes, it can look better alone like how I’m wearing it in my picture.

If you want to shop with me at Mejuri, you can receive 10% off any item! Here is my link.

Happy shopping ❤

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