A Chic Causal Look

Do not doubt the power of what a dress and sneakers can do! Now that the weather is getting warmer, sun is brighter, and maybe even more humid (especially in this Virginia weather) it can be rough to wear anything concealing. I like to go for a look that is free and flowy! For a Spring/Summer attire I gravitate towards anything that can hang loose on my body such as dresses, linen pants or thin material bottoms that compliments your figure but is still covering the legs. In the picture I am wearing an all black dress I bought from a thrift store in Richmond called Ashby. The dress is from Gap and is styled to be an oversized button up. I love how this dress hangs on the body as it gives you modest vibes. I threw on a pair of all white Nike Air Max’s. Many people own a pair of these shoes, it just the matter of how long you can keep them white. 😉 This is a simple and causal look you can wear to hang with friends, get lunch, go to class, or even run errands. Something I definitely appreciate about dresses is how EASY it is. No need to create a whole outfit, the dress is your outfit!

Mixing chic and street together

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