Take Care of Your Skin Now or Regret it Later!

I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of your skin!!! Some people are really good at their skin care routine and stay loyal to their schedule, especially with the products we use on our fragile skin.

Personally, I use a mixture of typical brands you can purchase at a drug store and some brands you have to spend more money on because the better quality ingredients you’re paying for. My everyday skin care is taking my makeup completely off with a cotton pad by using Neutrogena Oil Free makeup remover. I then use Philosophy Purity one-step facial cleanser and massage that gently all around my face to remove any residue makeup. After cleansing, I ALWAYS pat my face on a towel gently and never rubbing my skin; this is important because when rubbing/wiping the face can cause wrinkles later in life. From there, I use the lavender Witch Hazel alcohol-free toner. I love the smell of this! The toner is to help purify your skin naturally while adding moisture. Lastly, I use a face moisturizer to end the day. In all honestly, I’ve used ALL kinds of moisturizers, anywhere from expensive moisturizers to drug store moisturizers and at the end of the day, I will stick to the Ponds facial moisturizer. Many facial moisturizers I used has either dried out my face or leaving my skin too oily. I found that the Ponds facial moisturizer is a good in between. It actually leaves my skin feeling dewey and glowy rather than oily- there’s a difference.

If I feel like my skin needs extra love or I want to spoil myself (which is always) I’ll use my Estee Lauder Night Repair oils. Following by step #1 repair serum, the Advanced Night Repair is to help maximize skin’s own nightly renewal and wake up to beautiful skin. Do this on skin day and night. Next, apply Advanced Night Repair Eye Concentrate Matrix. This gives the eyes a fresh “wide-open” look. You do this by gently massaging under the eye 3x from inner to outer corner day and night. Last but not least, I use the Estee Lauder Resilience Lift. This eye cream is to improve the bags under your eyes and to uplift the skin.

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