Hello fashionistas! Sorry I haven’t been blogging lately. Life is really trying to chase me recently and test my limits, but that only prepares me for the real world later in life! I wanted to share with you all this outfit I put together while Richmond’s weather was doable… but let’s see how long the weather will last.

The top I am wearing is from Target, but the brand is called Prologue. This blouse was such a cop! It was on sale for $12.00. I bought this in a size medium because I was aiming for that bigger, looser look. I adore the sleeves because their puffy and kind of droopy, which gives it more character and not your typical button up. My jeans are the jeans I thrifted from Buffalo Exchange. Again, I love these jeans because the material is stiff and can just feel how authentic the jeans are made. Lastly, these mini heels are EVERYTHING! I actually got them as a Christmas present back in 2014 but at the time these type of heels weren’t really in style so I hid them for a while. But since the slingback heels are making it’s come back, I gotta partake and create that vintage appeal. The brand of the these gems are Cole Haan. The pointed heels with cheetah detail give it such a professional look, so I could wear this in the office or a night out!

Posted by:Kimberly Ann