Talk Plain to Me Baby

I know we’re all guilty of hitting the “Accept these Terms and Conditions” button when we sign up for something because it takes TOO long to read and half the time we don’t even understand what the terms mean! It’s quite scary too because as humans, we have rights, and when we sign up for something and don’t read the policies- we are setting ourselves up for something that could lead us to trouble. So, what does plain language mean? I had the opportunity to meet the Co-Founder, Deanna Lorianni of Zuula Consulting. Zuula Consulting helps companies and businesses to be clear and compelling with their message content.

Deanna gave us insightful information about what plain language can do for everyone, everywhere. It’s taking a body of text that is filled with these big, fancy wording and simplifying that message into context that an 8th grader can understand. Plain language is not “dumbing” you down, it’s simply taking a body of text and using words that a wide-range of audience can all understand. For example:

I mean, don’t you just see the obvious difference in context??

I really enjoyed Deanna Lorianni as our guest speaker in class. She spat out so many quick facts about how humans are not willingly to read a paragraph if it has more than 100 words. Yeah, no wonder we don’t want to read the terms and conditions while signing up for something! But thanks to plain language, they’ll take those big, fancy words and throw it out the window to make our lives just a little bit easier. 🙂

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