It’s fascinating how easily connected we can become to anyone we want to learn more about or maybe because certain users you follow on social media makes you feel inspired. That is something I LOVE about social media! I love that I can connect and follow a user who I feel inspired by which makes me want to be a better version of myself. In my User Experience class, we are discussing about the different users, brands, people, or any bloggers/personas to explore different users that we may be interested in.

Personally, my favorite social media platform is Instagram; Instagram has your post and feed, yet also features the “story” it’s like SnapChat but on one platform. I love following users who post about their everyday life, outfits inspiration, skin care, and traveling. I also like following delicious food recipes! Here are the few accounts on Instagram that I follow:

@sasha.mei – A blogger who post pictures of her outfits, travels, and the brands she represents for. I love her instagram because she showcase minimalism but still makes it fashionable.

@adelehuntshi – A funny gal who enjoys posting funny content throughout her day in New York. Adele works for styling in Condé Nast with Vogue international and her other part-time job is a styling assistant with the stylist George Cortina. Follow Adele for wild yet chic outfit inspo!

@healthyfoodsvideos – As a college student, I’m always on the go and can’t always afford to buy food outside (as much as I would like) but @healthyfoodvideos show quick and efficient food recipes. They show so many diverse recipes and they’re all simple and easy to make. Follow them if you’re always on the go but still want to enjoy home cooking!

@tinykitchentm – Tiny Kitchen’s Instagram account are consisted of videos of home cooking in a Barbie size form! It’s quite adorable how Tiny Kitchen can show home cooking recipes and baking all through the tiniest kitchen set- they even have a tiny oven that can cook! They play the same type of music in the background every time. Check them out, it’s pretty cute!

Posted by:Kimberly Ann