Hey, You Over There! Ever Heard of User Experience?

In my prior blog post I have discussed about the assignments and work we will be doing in the class ‘User Experience’ which I had thought was networking with professionals, building your portfolio, and trying to get the most of out it so we are prepared for the real world. While this is all true- I learned what User Experience really means. We had a guest speaker, Cheng Hong who teaches History of Advertising at VCU. According to professor Cheng, user experience is the merge of usability, and interaction design with marketing, branding, market research, product category, physical design etc. Those who analyze user experience, they must research both before and after designing a product. They have to truly understand their users before designing a product and to test the product after it is designed.

After diving more into user ex, the goal of my website is to build my portfolio and blog about whats important to me which includes school, fashion, skincare/beauty, and just everyday life– I hope those categories are relatable for my users. My users would probably be young women in their 20’s, maybe in college or for anyone whose passionate about fashion and beauty (I have yet to blog about my lifestyle, will be coming soon!) If I had to use a research method, I’d mostly likely go with card sorting because it acts as if it was a website. You have categories and then sub-categories for those to see their choices of options. I still have a lot of reconstruction to add into my site, but hopefully with my new knowledge about user experience, I’ll now be able to analyze my own users more accurately and efficiently!

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