I’m sure we’ve all drove by a Carmax seeing those goofy air-bags that depicts a body and it’s flying everywhere going left and right, up and down, side to side and it really catches our eyes because it can be mesmerizing to watch. We see those guys at Carmax all the time! we also see the thousands of cars just hanging out waiting to be sold. I feel like Carmax has a poor reputation to some people because Carmax buys used cars and will use that car to their advantage to recycle parts and making something useful out of it- go you Carmax for recycling!

During our User Ex class we had the privilege to meet Jake Mitchell who is a principal product designer at Carmax. Jake was giving us the run down on how they dissect ideas and how will they execute those ideas to turn into something greater. I enjoyed his persona on this women who has problems like us in the everyday world. She was a mom, had three kids, works hard, but didn’t have enough money to buy a new car. Carmax is there for her to support her needs and will work around her budget. They didn’t make her feel alone which is extremely important because thats how you keep people to stay true to Carmax. So, Jake and his team thought of “how can people view the insides of cars without actually having to come here?” They thought of using a 360 lens for people to swipe through on their devices to get a feel of what this car might actually be like. At first, they shot up their idea to management and sadly, they were doubting it. That never stopped Jake and his team to try it anyways. So, they went to Best Buy, bought this 360 camera, used basically a selfie stick to hold up the camera, and it actually worked! The consumers was impressed and enjoyed having this as a feature. Tying this back to the blog about the book Share Your Work, Jake is showing us that it’s perfectly okay to be an amateur because your ideas will show and the crowd loves it!

Posted by:Kimberly Ann