A Lil’ Advice from Austin Kleon

As a strategic advertising student it can become dull and less exciting when given a project because we do the research. Unlike creatives, they have fun with their work and can get lost in a project (lost as in a good thing) Nonetheless, in my User Ex class we were assigned to read a book called Share Your Work by Austin Kleon. It gave me insight and inspiration on how to show case your work, the thinking process behind it, and most importantly to not be embarrassed of your work. That’s your work- take full pride baby! Kleon encourages his readers to honestly, just be silly and to not care what others will think because one day your work will show. In the book he says be an amateur because thats what we all are- an amateur. We aren’t perfect, we aren’t made out of diamonds, but we sure can get our hobbies and passion to be shiny as a diamond- then maybe we’ll reconsider perfect. But for now, it’s okay Kleon says we are life-long learners.

I really like the second picture “put yourself, and your work, out there every day, and you’ll start meeting some amazing people.” I couldn’t agree more with this quote! I’ve been trying to prove to myself that I will make the Dean’s list again this year, I will create good content for my blog, or I will be a great intern for this seamster. I know, it can be scary to put yourself out there, but once you do… oh man, I’m sure you won’t regret it. Comment below I want to hear what inspires you and what helps you through your thinking process!

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