Alright, I’m not actually stalking anyone, but I am in a class called ‘User Experience’ which allows us to enhance our skills, reach out to professions, and to network as much as possible to gain real life experiences for the real world. Currently, we are building personas on people we are targeting to check out our portfolio and websites.

A few people I have in mind are…

Minsuk Kim is currently the Co-founder of Potluck since July till present. He is from Buffalo, NY but works in the Greater Area of New York. Minsuk earned his B.A. in Economics at Brown University. Before becoming a Co-Founder of kitchenware, he was the former digital marketing manager for Glossier and mainly focused on ads and partnerships. While he was working for Glossier, he was proud of the organic traction and how much that gave Glossier a head start. However, now that Minsuk started a new career in his life, he believes it’s time for young people to start enjoying and preparing home-cooked meals, rather than spend our money on outside food (guilty!) Potluck is here to connect a new generation of cooks to quality, affordable kitchenware but also promote “home-cooking.”

Alex Belgrave works as an art director and designer for the agency White64 located in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Alex first went to school at George Mason studying graphic design, art and visual technology in 2007-2011. Later, he earned his M.S. at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2013-2015. Since Alex is an art director and designer, he needs an artistic mind and being creative on your toes. A few of his task would include figuring out ways to represent a concept visually, picking which photographs and design elements, and supervising the design team.

Lastly, I am interested in learning about what Rebekah Ho’s role at HYPEBAE is. Rebekah works for the social media coordinator for HYPEBAE in Hong Kong. How cool is that?? She was raised in Vancouver but Hong Kong based. Rebekah received her bachelors degree in marketing from the University of British Columbia / UBC in 2011-2016. A few of her goals is to share new content with her followers and show casing different lifestyles. On her own website she states: “I love things lifestyle: fashion, food, music, and art. And not to mention, I’m pretty dang good at social media.” Yes- I have to agree, Rebekah does an outstanding job when it comes to social media!

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