Practicing what I Love

In the admits of crazy times becoming our new normal, I realized that we have to practice what we love and do it often. For me, that is creating content that represents who I am. I’m not perfect and i’m still figuring how to speak my brand and how I want others to perceive me. Your image can be so powerful, we need to take advantage and use it to it’s full potential! I use my blog as a creative outlet.

Slingback Heels Makes a Come Back

I’m sure we’ve all cleaned out our closet and came across a sweet gem. Sounds familiar? Yeah, that happened to me the other day when I came across these slingback heels! I adore the tiny heel, with cheetah print/faux fur for the pointy toe. You can pair these type of heels with jeans, trousers, a dress, or even sweats!


Making the Most While it Lasts

Had some fun and did a little ~quarantine~ photoshoot with my home girl, Nam Vo! My best friend who inspires me with all things. As she may move to NYC this summer, I realized doing little things with your people will make a huge difference in your everyday perspective. We learn and gain so much when we are surrounded by others, especially those who challenge and make you a better version of yourself. Even though we are practicing social distancing, every once an while can’t hurt to see a friend!

Tiramisu for Breakfast x Mejuri

Since I’ve returned to TFB, I wanted to make a blog post about the things I enjoy, but also relates to my internship. If you seen throughout my fashion blogs, I’m a part of the Mejuri Fine Crew. I’ve been in love with Mejuri since I saw them on social media and their presence was beautifully done through their culture and aesthetics. I love their minimalism, simplicity, yet luxury jewelry. The pieces I have from Mejuri ranges anywhere from necklaces, earrings and rings. I personally love their earrings, they’re absolutely timeless. Each necklace I received from them are well made and you can feel the quality of the craftsmanship- which I believe is a huge ethical value in a brand.

Since being a part of the Fine Crew, I have a 10% discount code when you shop with me for first time users! Check it out HERE.

Hanging in the Concrete Jungle

I don’t come to NYC often, but when I do, I make sure to see my absolute best friends! And…. all the delicious food and drink NY offers, of course! This trip I tried Cha Cha Matcha and let me tell you- it was definitely one of the most purest, yet subtle matcha. 100% recommend. Here I am wearing my JW PEI bag 🙂


Give Me a Little Grin

A good friend of mine, Vy-Anh took pictures of me which turned out lovely. This was one of my first photoshoots and like most people, you may feel uncomfortable infront of the camera. It takes a moment to feel yourself and find your groove. Give a little grin, some sass, or a smile. The world is dying to see.